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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve dinner!

So Monday afternoon, a bunch of my friends and I went to Trev’s house for Christmas Eve dinner. Only a few family members were included so it was really lovely to spend some proper time catching up with everyone. Dinner was ah-mazing! Michael and I brought ice cream, Hannah made a salad, Rachel made a chicken pasta bake, there was a Thai beef salad, a lamb (I think?) noodle salad, bread rolls, homemade giant Wagon Wheels, custard, cherry cheesecake, a veggie salad, bread rolls aaaaaand I think that was it. I don’t know, there was so much food. All I remember is going back for seconds, ha!

We drank lots, watched MTV Christmas songs, talked so much shit, made a dick joke thanks to Bella being naughty, and then opened our Secret Santa presents. I had Denise, so I bought her 6 large wine glasses and a big block of Toblerone, which she loved (: Michaela had me, so she got me an amazing purple yoga mat so we can do Bikram yoga together next year! Denise had Michael, and he got the coolest Chewbacca slippers. They’re actually so cool. Michael had Paschal so he got him Howl’s Moving Castle on DVD. Bella had Hannah, so she got this really cool decanter for red wine. Rachel had Bella and gave her this really cute solar garden lamps. I can’t really remember who got who and what after that, and you probably don’t care. Larry came over eventually since he didn’t have any plans, and we stayed up to midnight to wish each other Merry Christmas.

I woke up in the morning hungover, which was the plan so I wasn’t mad about that. Bella cooked up the best breakfast, as always, and then Rachel drove me home. There ya go!

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