they say you don't know what you got 'til it's gone / / they say that your darkest hour comes before your dawn

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Saturday night.

Saturday morning I was greeting with the noise of Hannah doing the washing. We decided to take a quick trip to Ikea, after she had booked her Bali flights, because we need a few things to help keep the house tidy. We debated whether Bali or Fiji was a better holiday destination; each hard arguable points. Bali is cheaper; Fiji is less populated. Bali has better shopping; Fiji has better resorts. Bali has similar weather to Australia; Fiji has the opposite (which means if I go for my birthday, it won’t be cold). In the end, neither of us found what we were looking for. We did, although, bump into Whitey there and had a quick catch up.

I had a quick shower when I got home and organised dinner plans with Rachel. I made my way down to her’s at like 6:40pm, and we had chicken enchiladas for dinner! She even bought me a little garden salad because she knows I love my salad. We sat down to watch tv/listen to music when we decided to invite Trev. He brought apple pie and ice cream for dessert (: We sat up drinking and singing along to classic 90’s pop songs because we’re shitheads like that. Rachel somewhat converted me to a 1 Direction fan (they’re catchy as fuck, back off) and we watched some Tom Felton youtube vids because we love him.

We put Fern Gully on and somehow all of us got sleepy immediately. Chuck made sleeping slightly difficult. Rachel always has the fan on when she sleeps, but I got cold because Chuck kept pulling the covers off of me. Woke up in the morning slightly hungover, more or less just a headache, went and got breakfast at a nice cafe. Rachel’s poached eggs were too salty, my chai latter could have been creamier, and if my body’s telling me correctly, I didn’t get soy milk like I asked.

I am now home and unable to put my sentences together with proper structure. This isn’t entertaining in the least. Bite me.

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