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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I reaaaaaaaally don't like it when people give me advice on how to handle my money.

“If you can’t afford your lifestyle on Centrelink allowances plus rent assistance, then maybe you should cut down your expenses.” Let me just outline the necessary expenses I need to pay on a fortnightly basis where all my bills land:

  • $320 rent
  • $123.70 car loan
  • $40-50 petrol
  • $120+ food
  • $73 phone bill
  • $100+ electricity/gas bill
  • $60 internet
  • $xx.xx+ left over to put in my savings for when things get tough and I need more money to cover it.

That’s roughly $830 EVERY SECOND FORTNIGHT. Excuse me, but where the fuck do you think I can make cut backs to reduce that? Get rid of the internet? Yeah, that’ll make uni work soooo easy. Reduce my phone bill? $73 is the minimum I pay if I don’t go over my cap. I cannot reduce it; I’ve already asked. Don’t eat so much? You go out and buy fruits and veggies that don’t cost a fucking fortune. I don’t wanna eat cheap packet food, so excuuuuuuuse me for wanting to be healthy. No car loan? Yes, I’ll just sell my perfectly working car and get a cheaper one that’ll break down on me, like the previous 3 cars I’ve owned. Reduce my electricity/gas bills? Hannah works for AGL so we get a discount as is. Can’t get any cheaper than that. Move back home? Not a chance in hell. There’s a legal binding contract I signed called a Lease. I’m signed on for 12 months. If I pull out of that, Hannah is fucked and I still have to pay rent until they find new tenants, however long that is.

Do not under any pretenses assume I am living beyond my means.

Do not under any pretenses assume I cannot budget.

Do not under any pretenses assume I have not worked all of this out already.

For the love of the universe, do not ever underestimate me. Do not belittle me.

You will be sorry.

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