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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Things you should know about me #903483whatever

There are two times of the day where you should never ever interrupt me:

  1. When I’m in the shower
  2. When I’m eating

Just don’t. For the sake of your own head, don’t interrupt me. Those are the only two times in the world where I want to be left alone. Interrupt me when I’m on the toilet; when I’m trying to sleep; when I’m at work; whenever the hell you want just not when I’m showering or eating. Those are peaceful times for me.

I am vulgar and offensive. Get the fuck used to it.

I literally could not give a shit about what strangers think of me, or people I know and dislike think of me. I don’t see how their opinions of me matter so I don’t pay attention. People call me conceited or a snob for it, but idgaf. If my attitude is such a problem for you, then go away.

I like cups of tea more than coffee; cider more than beer; vodka more than gin; my body in only a bra and panties more than clothes; sex during the day more than before sleep or in the morning; lipgloss more than lipstick; bare feet more than shoes; summer more than winter; riding as a passenger more than being the driver; McDonalds more than KFC; and anime + manga more than being popular.

More importantly, and the thing most people never get to see, is that I’m genuinely a nice person most of the time. For real. Just don’t, y’know, give me a reason not to be nice, and we’ll get along fine. Despite being a sarcastic bitch 90% of the time, I’m actually a good person. Or at least I try to be.

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