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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nursing and Midwifery Orientation Conference Day #1

I am exhausted. 10am-5pm killed me. I am not used to starting and finishing so late. There was a whole bunch of listening today that I could have gone without. I had to sit and listen to someone talk about things I really wasn’t interested in, and then I had to sit and listen to four more people say basically the same thing again. I got the general gist of the point they were making after the first two people, I really didn’t need another three.

Lunch was provided, which made me super happy because I was worried I’d have to pay for an overpriced and extremely unhealthy meal from the cafe. I’ll either have to pack my own lunches or go back to the main campus for lunch because I sure as hell ain’t ruining my clean eating for that shit. On the plus side, I did notice they stocked alcohol in their fridges. Always handy to know that.

Alex saved me a seat but by the time I got there, the whole damn theater was already full. I was shipped off with other overflowing people to another theater where we had to watch a sub-par live stream of the original conference. People were so goddamn noisy during the presentations. I’m sorry, but I was taught that when someone’s talking, you stop and listen. It’s not that hard.

Finding my mentor was a bitch. They need flags or something to clearly identify themselves to everyone else. There was something like 400 people there today. I would have thought they’d have a better way of students finding their mentors other than just blindly searching for them amid every other person there. jfc.

I made a couple of friends, met the people who will be in my 3 week intensive workshop, and got down my mentor’s email so I can holla at him when I’m in trouble. His last name is Millhouse. MILLHOUSE. He better like The Simpsons because I won’t stop the references. I immediately said, “everything’s coming up Millhouse,” when I read his name. He took my group for a quick campus tour, which was nice because I had no idea where anything was. He also answered all my stupid dumb questions, which was also nice because I ask a lot of questions and am annoying like that.

No, but seriously: good day. Here’s to hoping that tomorrow’s even better. Idk. I am so tired. Rachel and I went shopping afterwards and were totally successful. Purchased the most perfect outfit for Michael’s cousin’s wedding in March. I am going to look cute as fuck.

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