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Saturday, March 9, 2013

First week of university in review:

Tuesday day one:

  • Freaked my shit about being late, and nearly was thanks to the bus. Adelaide Metro really need to work on their “Journey Planner” because I could have caught two buses before the one it told me to catch actually arrived.
  • I had a conversation with a guy that went like this “Where is your chest tattoo from? I’ve seen it somewhere before?” It’s from a Japanese anime called Fullmetal Alchemist. “No, like I’ve seen you somewhere before.” Oh, maybe at AVCon or Supanova? “Nope.” GameTraders or Shin Tokyo? I’m there a lot. “Nope. I know you from somewhere else.” I don’t know, man. I have a habit of meeting people when I’m drunk and not remembering. “Instagram! I know you from Instagram!”
    I assume this is how it feels to be tumblr fam0u$~*~ Turns out we actually have a mutual friend as well.
  • Another guy in my class also said he knows me from somewhere but neither us can remember. This is super awkward because I’m actually known for my inability to make friends.
  • We played this game to get to know everyone in my class. I basically told everyone I have a cat and prefer tea over coffee. Probably the most important thing to know about me, yeah?
  • Thalia and I had lunch together. It’s nice to have a friend in my class but it sucks that after 3 weeks, we’ll be separated and I’ll have to make new friends again. Ugh.
  • I spent the whole night freaking out because I realised I had missed buying a textbook and DVD I actually need. Thank goodness I’m privileged enough to have a mother who paid for them.
  • Had lunch with England aka beer and fruit.
  • Did a lot of readings when I got home but couldn’t work out how to find the quizzes to go with them.

Thursday day two:

  • Bought the DVD and book that I needed after work on Wednesday. Didn’t write down the due dates for my homework and couldn’t find them on the online system, so I freaked out thinking they were due Thursday. I spent hours on Wednesday night doing a crazy amount of math homework that made me feel so stupid. At about 12am, I somehow stumbled upon the due date for my homework and realised it wasn’t due until next week. Wanted. To. Die.
  • Completed some quizzes after getting multiple choice questions half right several times. The question clearly stated “Choose one or more:” so me being me, I chose one. Yeah, I needed to choose all the correct options to get a full correct answer since I need to 100% everything.
  • Made a nurses hat out of paper for some team building exercise. Idk. The group I was in was so slow because we were making jokes instead of doing the work. N2S: don’t sit with them too often if you expect HD.
  • Started working on our group poster activity. We’re all pretty sure the whole point of it is to prove we can work as a team, but we’re getting too caught up in the work involved.
  • Borrowed $5 off Thalia so I could get home because the Adelaide Metro website is shit and when you recharge your metrocard online, the credit isn’t available until the next day. Real helpful.
  • Started to feel more settled and organised about my homework and how to find everything. Completed a shit load of quizzes to help with that.
  • Realised, that as apart of a group exercise, that we could not survive a boat crashing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. “Fishing nets allows water to pass through it but fish get stuck.” will probably be a joke my group will throw at each other when someone says something really stupid. One of those “You have to be there” moments.
  • Did no homework at all because my brain was fried.

Friday day three:

  • Had an 8am start which meant the Loop Bus wasn’t running and therefore I had to catch an even earlier bus to uni so I had ample time to walk from my bus stop.
  • Skipped breakfast for the second day in a row because I am stupid.
  • Found my class room easily and didn’t get lost!
  • Worked more on our group project today. We now have a design and context. Just gotta put it together on Tuesday and we should be done. I can’t believe we still don’t have it done by now. It’s an A3 poster, for goodness sake.
  • Stayed behind after class and caught up with Nyssa. We went to get lunch on the main campus but all of the ATMs were handing out $50s only and we didn’t want to waste that much money.
  • Bumped into Amalia! It’s awesome to find out more people are at uni than I first thought. Good to know.
  • Came home. Napped for 4 hours instead of 2. Made dinner. This.
  • So far I have 100% on all the quizzes I’ve done. This makes me supremely happy.
I think I’ll do weekly posts about how uni is going if I can find things to write about.

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