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Saturday, March 2, 2013


K so I love Adelaide. L O V E I T. But I am sick to death of people complaining during March. People here cry all year long over the city being “boring” and never having exciting things to do here. Then “Mad March” hits and there’s the Clipsal, Soundwave, Fringe Festival, and Adelaide Festival. Everyone gets what they fucking want but they still cry, and you know why?

The traffic gets worse and there are more people here.

It’s one goddamn month of the year, and the best month to be in Adelaide. Live it up, you miserable assholes. If you think the traffic and amount of people is bad during March, then you should probably look at Sydney or Melbourne all year long because that’s how they have it 24/7.

You want our city to get bigger and better yet you don’t want the people that come with it. Where’s the fucking logic?

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