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Friday, December 19, 2014


The last time I updated this page was almost a year ago. January 4th. I've changed blog names. I don't have a real reason except I felt like it. I spent too long writing angry and negative posts. I will probably still continue that. I'm trying to change. Trying.

2014 has been a quick yet long year. I finished second year of nursing at uni. I finished with a gpa of 5.53 which is enough to do honours if I choose (you need at least 5.5). I still have 2015 to increase my gpa. I'd love to graduate with 6+ but it's not a disappointment if I don't. What I achieved this year is incredible. It's more than enough. 5.5 was the only goal I set for the entire year. I stopped going to gym, I worried less about my weight and fat percentage, and I gave in with looking 100% all the time. I'm happy with that.

I use the to help turn me into a better writer. I struggle staying concise and objective. It's difficult when life is a subjective experience. I want to fill my writing with descriptions and details and personal ideas but that doesn't always make for a better writer. It's fluff.

I've set up many blogs all with the same aim - write every day. I start off well but then it fails for various reasons. I'm forgetful. I'm tired. I don't know what to write about. I'm not in the mood. I don't have time. Reasons upon reasons but no real block. Sometimes I think I just look for reasons not to write. And sometimes I start a post but then I'm easily distracted. Or I can't find the right music to listen to.

A previous post has all those details. And like clockwork, I left this post in the middle of writing to live life and doing things with my day. I started it a couple days ago and now I'm finishing it off. It's Friday 10pm and I have work tomorrow. I should get to bed but Criminal Minds is on so... No.

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